The list of EDIFACT Message Implementation Guidelines can be found below.
The latest version is based on UN-EDIFACT Directory D10.A
The D.97A Directory – Earlier versions are available upon request.


You are free to download the Guidelines.
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ATHSTS EDAS10568.6 KiB2092
BORDERS EDBO10701.3 KiB2185
DELFOR EDDF101.0 MiB2840
DELJIT EDDJ10626.8 KiB2014
DESADV EDDS101.1 MiB4220
IFTMAN EDAN10720.9 KiB2258
IFTMIN EDTI101.3 MiB4524
IFTSTA EDST10857.3 KiB3314
INVOIC EDIN101.3 MiB3689
INVRPT EDFI10732.7 KiB2425
INVRPT EDID10523.3 KiB1768
INVRPT EDSD10488.4 KiB1924
ORDCHG EDOC101.3 MiB1396
ORDERS EDPO101.3 MiB1981
ORDRSP EDOR101.2 MiB2014
PRICAT EDPC10838.5 KiB2128
QUOTES EDQT10767.7 KiB1909
RECADV EDRC10966.9 KiB2039
REMADV EDRM10585.6 KiB2042
REQOTE EDRQ10834.1 KiB1395
SBIINV EDSB101.2 MiB1774
SERSEG Edss10229.3 KiB1781
SLSRPT EDSL10686.5 KiB2493
SSDCLM EDSC10597.2 KiB2819
SSDRSP EDSR10549.0 KiB2524
Time Zone Utilisation188.7 KiB1734


Message Type




Authorisation Status ATHSTS EDAS10 EDIFICE Message
Delivery Forecast DELFOR EDDF10
Delivery Just-in-Time DELJIT EDDJ10
Despatch Advice DESADV EDDS10
International Forward & Transport Message, Arrival Notice IFTMAN EDAN10
International Forward & Transport Message, Instruction IFTMIN EDTI10
International Multimodal Status Report Message IFTSTA EDST10
Inventory Report  (Distri to Supplier) INVRPT DtoS EDID10
Inventory Report (Forecasting) INVRPT FIM EDFI10
Inventory Report (Supplier to Distri) INVRPT StoD EDSD10
Order Response ORDRSP EDOR10
Price Catalogue PRICAT EDPC10
Purchase Order ORDERS EDPO10
Purchase Order Change ORDCHG EDOC10
Purchase Order, Blanket ORDERS (Blanket) EDBO10
Quotation QUOTES EDQT10
Receiving Advice RECADV EDRC10
Remittance Advice REMADV EDRM10
Request for Quote REQOTE EDRQ10
Sales Report SLSRPT EDSL10 EDIFICE Structure
Self-Billing Invoice SBIINV EDSB10
Service Segments SERSEG EDSS10
Ship From Stock & Debit Claim SSDCLM EDSC10 EDIFICE Message
Ship From Stock & Debit Request SSDRSP EDSR10 EDIFICE Message
Traditional Invoice INVOIC EDIN10