The list of ANSI X12 Transaction Guidelines can be found below.
EDIFICE inherited these guidelines from its sister organization EIDX in the Americas that is no longer active.
Most of the original members of the EIDX organization are now a member of the global EDIFICE organization.

You are free to download these Guidelines.

In case your company is not a member of EDIFICE we ask you to leave your contact details below.
This will allow you to receive an answer to the questions you might have.

EDIFICE thanks you for your trust.

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EDIFICE-X12-810-V40101.1 MiB39841
EDIFICE-X12-810-V40101.1 MiB2796
EDIFICE-X12-812-V4010611.1 KiB4421
EDIFICE-X12-812-V4010611.1 KiB1143
EDIFICE-X12-820-V4010693.0 KiB4534
EDIFICE-X12-820-V4010693.0 KiB1137
EDIFICE-X12-830-V4010867.3 KiB5880
EDIFICE-X12-830-V4010867.3 KiB1384
EDIFICE-X12-830RTF-V4010752.4 KiB1523
EDIFICE-X12-830RTF-V4010752.4 KiB1056
EDIFICE-X12-832-V4010742.2 KiB2446
EDIFICE-X12-832-V4010742.2 KiB1719
EDIFICE-X12-840-V40101.0 MiB1883
EDIFICE-X12-840-V40101.0 MiB1016
EDIFICE-X12-843-V40101.0 MiB1365
EDIFICE-X12-843-V40101.0 MiB1352
EDIFICE-X12-844-V4010539.2 KiB1355
EDIFICE-X12-844-V4010539.2 KiB1225
EDIFICE-X12-845-V4010558.2 KiB2899
EDIFICE-X12-845-V4010558.2 KiB929
EDIFICE-X12-846-V4010615.9 KiB3216
EDIFICE-X12-846-V4010615.9 KiB2215
EDIFICE-X12-849-V4010509.2 KiB2220
EDIFICE-X12-849-V4010509.2 KiB1357
EDIFICE-X12-850-V40101.2 MiB5262
EDIFICE-X12-850-V40101.2 MiB1441
EDIFICE-X12-855-V40101.0 MiB4320
EDIFICE-X12-855-V40101.0 MiB1236
EDIFICE-X12-860-V4010907.7 KiB3367
EDIFICE-X12-860-V4010907.7 KiB1767
EDIFICE-X12-861-V4010562.8 KiB1943
EDIFICE-X12-861-V4010562.8 KiB1294
EDIFICE-X12-862-V4010521.9 KiB2952
EDIFICE-X12-862-V4010521.9 KiB1132
EDIFICE-X12-865-V4010952.6 KiB3348
EDIFICE-X12-865-V4010952.6 KiB1109
EDIFICE-X12-869-V4010330.0 KiB1844
EDIFICE-X12-869-V4010330.0 KiB1074
EDIFICE-X12-870-V4010598.8 KiB8223
EDIFICE-X12-870-V4010598.8 KiB1062