The list of ANSI X12 Transaction Guidelines can be found below.
EDIFICE inherited these guidelines from its sister organization EIDX in the Americas that is no longer active.
Most of the original members of the EIDX organization are now a member of the global EDIFICE organization.

You are free to download these Guidelines.

In case your company is not a member of EDIFICE we ask you to leave your contact details below.
This will allow you to receive an answer to the questions you might have.

EDIFICE thanks you for your trust.

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EDIFICE-X12-810-V40101.1 MiB39359
EDIFICE-X12-810-V40101.1 MiB2735
EDIFICE-X12-812-V4010611.1 KiB4283
EDIFICE-X12-812-V4010611.1 KiB1102
EDIFICE-X12-820-V4010693.0 KiB4472
EDIFICE-X12-820-V4010693.0 KiB1099
EDIFICE-X12-830-V4010867.3 KiB5835
EDIFICE-X12-830-V4010867.3 KiB1374
EDIFICE-X12-830RTF-V4010752.4 KiB1511
EDIFICE-X12-830RTF-V4010752.4 KiB1036
EDIFICE-X12-832-V4010742.2 KiB2389
EDIFICE-X12-832-V4010742.2 KiB1689
EDIFICE-X12-840-V40101.0 MiB1874
EDIFICE-X12-840-V40101.0 MiB1007
EDIFICE-X12-843-V40101.0 MiB1342
EDIFICE-X12-843-V40101.0 MiB1343
EDIFICE-X12-844-V4010539.2 KiB1337
EDIFICE-X12-844-V4010539.2 KiB1213
EDIFICE-X12-845-V4010558.2 KiB2848
EDIFICE-X12-845-V4010558.2 KiB916
EDIFICE-X12-846-V4010615.9 KiB3118
EDIFICE-X12-846-V4010615.9 KiB2188
EDIFICE-X12-849-V4010509.2 KiB2205
EDIFICE-X12-849-V4010509.2 KiB1346
EDIFICE-X12-850-V40101.2 MiB5185
EDIFICE-X12-850-V40101.2 MiB1425
EDIFICE-X12-855-V40101.0 MiB4230
EDIFICE-X12-855-V40101.0 MiB1220
EDIFICE-X12-860-V4010907.7 KiB3311
EDIFICE-X12-860-V4010907.7 KiB1722
EDIFICE-X12-861-V4010562.8 KiB1897
EDIFICE-X12-861-V4010562.8 KiB1269
EDIFICE-X12-862-V4010521.9 KiB2941
EDIFICE-X12-862-V4010521.9 KiB1119
EDIFICE-X12-865-V4010952.6 KiB3311
EDIFICE-X12-865-V4010952.6 KiB1101
EDIFICE-X12-869-V4010330.0 KiB1797
EDIFICE-X12-869-V4010330.0 KiB1066
EDIFICE-X12-870-V4010598.8 KiB8130
EDIFICE-X12-870-V4010598.8 KiB1041