The list of ANSI X12 Transaction Guidelines can be found below.
EDIFICE inherited these guidelines from its sister organization EIDX in the Americas that is no longer active.
Most of the original members of the EIDX organization are now a member of the global EDIFICE organization.

You are free to download these Guidelines.

In case your company is not a member of EDIFICE we ask you to leave your contact details below.
This will allow you to receive an answer to the questions you might have.

EDIFICE thanks you for your trust.

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EDIFICE-X12-810-V40101.1 MiB40210
EDIFICE-X12-810-V40101.1 MiB2956
EDIFICE-X12-812-V4010611.1 KiB4558
EDIFICE-X12-812-V4010611.1 KiB1215
EDIFICE-X12-820-V4010693.0 KiB4681
EDIFICE-X12-820-V4010693.0 KiB1288
EDIFICE-X12-830-V4010867.3 KiB5937
EDIFICE-X12-830-V4010867.3 KiB1486
EDIFICE-X12-830RTF-V4010752.4 KiB1637
EDIFICE-X12-830RTF-V4010752.4 KiB1167
EDIFICE-X12-832-V4010742.2 KiB2544
EDIFICE-X12-832-V4010742.2 KiB1764
EDIFICE-X12-840-V40101.0 MiB1905
EDIFICE-X12-840-V40101.0 MiB1046
EDIFICE-X12-843-V40101.0 MiB1396
EDIFICE-X12-843-V40101.0 MiB1386
EDIFICE-X12-844-V4010539.2 KiB1392
EDIFICE-X12-844-V4010539.2 KiB1255
EDIFICE-X12-845-V4010558.2 KiB2954
EDIFICE-X12-845-V4010558.2 KiB977
EDIFICE-X12-846-V4010615.9 KiB3287
EDIFICE-X12-846-V4010615.9 KiB2340
EDIFICE-X12-849-V4010509.2 KiB2254
EDIFICE-X12-849-V4010509.2 KiB1382
EDIFICE-X12-850-V40101.2 MiB5359
EDIFICE-X12-850-V40101.2 MiB1563
EDIFICE-X12-855-V40101.0 MiB4474
EDIFICE-X12-855-V40101.0 MiB1270
EDIFICE-X12-860-V4010907.7 KiB3431
EDIFICE-X12-860-V4010907.7 KiB1818
EDIFICE-X12-861-V4010562.8 KiB2020
EDIFICE-X12-861-V4010562.8 KiB1333
EDIFICE-X12-862-V4010521.9 KiB2989
EDIFICE-X12-862-V4010521.9 KiB1159
EDIFICE-X12-865-V4010952.6 KiB3380
EDIFICE-X12-865-V4010952.6 KiB1126
EDIFICE-X12-869-V4010330.0 KiB1959
EDIFICE-X12-869-V4010330.0 KiB1099
EDIFICE-X12-870-V4010598.8 KiB8303
EDIFICE-X12-870-V4010598.8 KiB1107