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The list of enliteB2B Guidelines can be found below.
EDIFICE developed these light weight CSV based models to help the SME trading partners to easily integrate.
Any party interested in the details are welcome to get in touch with Jan.Fuchs@edifice.org for more information and implementation help.

You are free to download the Guidelines.

In case your company is not a member of EDIFICE we ask you to leave your contact details below.
This will allow you to receive an answer to the questions you might have.

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EnliteB2B Arrival Notice V3r0 Data Model62.1 KiB783
EnliteB2B Bill Of Lading V3r0 Data Model62.1 KiB867
EnliteB2B Bill Of Material V3r0 Data Model51.5 KiB780
EnliteB2B Booking Confirmation V3r0 Data Model62.1 KiB700
EnliteB2B Booking Requests V3r0 Data Model62.1 KiB958
EnliteB2B Container Movements V3r0 Data Model62.1 KiB765
EnliteB2B Credit Adjustment V3r0 Data Model59.5 KiB737
EnliteB2B Debit Adjustment V3r0 Data Model59.5 KiB740
EnliteB2B Design Win Registration Request V3r0 Data Model51.5 KiB682
EnliteB2B Design Win Registration Response V3r0 Data Model51.5 KiB737
EnliteB2B Inventory Report V3r0 Data Model51.6 KiB737
EnliteB2B Invoice V3r0 Data Model59.5 KiB886
EnliteB2B Lead Times Report V3r0 Data Model51.6 KiB645
EnliteB2B Manufacturing Order V3r0 Data Model51.5 KiB661
EnliteB2B Order Status Inquiry V3r0 Data Model51.6 KiB1051
EnliteB2B Order Status Report V3r0 Data Model51.5 KiB691
EnliteB2B Planning Schedule V3r0 Data Model51.5 KiB671
EnliteB2B Point Of Sales V3r0 Data Model51.5 KiB710
EnliteB2B Price And Product Catalogue V3r0 Data Model59.5 KiB688
EnliteB2B Product Movement V3r0 Data Model51.6 KiB682
EnliteB2B Purchase Order Response V3r0 Data Model51.6 KiB689
EnliteB2B Purchase Order V3r0 Data Model51.5 KiB854
EnliteB2B Quote V3r0 Data Model51.5 KiB776
EnliteB2B Receiving Advice V3r0 Data Model51.5 KiB716
EnliteB2B Request For Quotation V3r0 Data Model51.6 KiB630
EnliteB2B Self-Billing Invoice V3r0 Data Model59.5 KiB709
EnliteB2B Ship And Debit Authorization Status V3r0 Data Model51.6 KiB721
EnliteB2B Ship And Debit Claim Response V3r0 Data Model51.6 KiB644
EnliteB2B Ship And Debit Claim V3r0 Data Model51.6 KiB750
EnliteB2B Shipment Notification V3r0 Data Model62.1 KiB607
EnliteB2B Shipping Instructions V3r0 Data Model62.1 KiB632
EnliteB2B Shipping Schedule V3r0 Data Model51.5 KiB674
EnliteB2B Warehouse Shipping Instruction V3r0 Data Model62.1 KiB719
EnliteB2B Warehouse Shipping Instruction V3r0 Data Model62.1 KiB750
EnliteMETAMODEL77.1 KiB894
EnliteSYNTAX36.2 KiB869