The list of ANSI X12 Transaction Guidelines can be found below.
EDIFICE inherited these guidelines from its sister organization EIDX in the Americas that is no longer active.
Most of the original members of the EIDX organization are now a member of the global EDIFICE organization.

You are free to download these Guidelines.

In case your company is not a member of EDIFICE we ask you to leave your contact details below.
This will allow you to receive an answer to the questions you might have.

EDIFICE thanks you for your trust.

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EDIFICE-X12-810-V40101.1 MiB35078
EDIFICE-X12-810-V40101.1 MiB2431
EDIFICE-X12-812-V4010611.1 KiB3507
EDIFICE-X12-812-V4010611.1 KiB886
EDIFICE-X12-820-V4010693.0 KiB4070
EDIFICE-X12-820-V4010693.0 KiB926
EDIFICE-X12-830-V4010867.3 KiB5495
EDIFICE-X12-830-V4010867.3 KiB1253
EDIFICE-X12-830RTF-V4010752.4 KiB1404
EDIFICE-X12-830RTF-V4010752.4 KiB890
EDIFICE-X12-832-V4010742.2 KiB2104
EDIFICE-X12-832-V4010742.2 KiB1415
EDIFICE-X12-840-V40101.0 MiB1740
EDIFICE-X12-840-V40101.0 MiB915
EDIFICE-X12-843-V40101.0 MiB1107
EDIFICE-X12-843-V40101.0 MiB1189
EDIFICE-X12-844-V4010539.2 KiB1217
EDIFICE-X12-844-V4010539.2 KiB1118
EDIFICE-X12-845-V4010558.2 KiB2494
EDIFICE-X12-845-V4010558.2 KiB818
EDIFICE-X12-846-V4010615.9 KiB2807
EDIFICE-X12-846-V4010615.9 KiB1879
EDIFICE-X12-849-V4010509.2 KiB2015
EDIFICE-X12-849-V4010509.2 KiB1246
EDIFICE-X12-850-V40101.2 MiB4750
EDIFICE-X12-850-V40101.2 MiB1294
EDIFICE-X12-855-V40101.0 MiB3790
EDIFICE-X12-855-V40101.0 MiB1065
EDIFICE-X12-860-V4010907.7 KiB3019
EDIFICE-X12-860-V4010907.7 KiB1387
EDIFICE-X12-861-V4010562.8 KiB1710
EDIFICE-X12-861-V4010562.8 KiB1058
EDIFICE-X12-862-V4010521.9 KiB2795
EDIFICE-X12-862-V4010521.9 KiB1030
EDIFICE-X12-865-V4010952.6 KiB3013
EDIFICE-X12-865-V4010952.6 KiB999
EDIFICE-X12-869-V4010330.0 KiB1565
EDIFICE-X12-869-V4010330.0 KiB951
EDIFICE-X12-870-V4010598.8 KiB7021
EDIFICE-X12-870-V4010598.8 KiB938