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What was the highlight of the conference:

  • ******ERICSSON Studio: unusual experience, eye-opener, close insights on near future, grand set-up of the studio; great presenters
  • ***ERICSSON Keynote
  • **Supply B2B from Ericsson: good structured vendor approach
  • The mix of details and high strategic topics give ideas and thoughts of the future
  • First time joining! Good to hear all these different opinions
  • F2F discussions with verticals – identifying common interests & issues
  • Open discussion around B2B challenges
  • e-Invoicing challenges
  • The open sharing of experiences
  • getting to know the other players in the industry
  • Meeting back an old colleague
  • EXCELLENT hosts & facilitators!


Proposed Themes for future conferences:

  • ****Collaboration Platforms in the Supply Chain
  • ***Simplified data capturing methods for SME – How to attract small suppliers to connect with your company
  • Analytics/Solutions e-service selling – S2S
  • Information sharing over more than 2 tiers ; 3-way & 4-way matching & tools able to support
  • Semantic Data Model definition
  • Product tracking information: experience sharing from the Logistics arena


Other comments:

  • Thank you for a well organised event!
  • Great Conference at Ericsson HQ
  • THANKS for inviting me!
  • Splendid ERICSSON premises
  • EDIFICE hopes to be back at Ericsson HQ in Kista SOON.
    • Great collaboration with the hosts
    • Support on all levels
    • Superb meeting facilities
    • GOOD food!
    • Having the Train Station and Hotel at walking distance is an advantage
    • Lovely weather in September… but next time we schedule a date closer to mid-summer 🙂


Interested parties to collaborate on the Semantic Data Modelling activity

  • Lars Magnusson & Mikael Hjalmarson of Ericsson
  • Milan Hönsch & Michal Ftacnik Accenture
  • Erich Guenter, IBM
  • Martin Bjoerses, ST
  • Ulrike, Infineon
  • Juergen Linkens, Freescale
  • Steven Spence, HP

Interested parties for the use cases on collaborative platforms

  • Ulrike Melzer of Infineon
  • Maik Bastiaens of NXP
  • Juergen Linkens of Freescale
  • Steven Spence of HP
  • Hasse Römer of Ericsson
  • Milan Hönsch & Michal Ftacnik Accenture